Litigation Support

        Patent Litigation is a tedious process due to complexities involved in understanding claim language, technical terms and concepts. However, with the pace of todays business world, you require support services to achieve desired outcomes in a short time.

        Researchwire offers patent litigation support to help you with a bundle of research and analytical services. Our team of IP experts support your patent litigation with pre-litigation analysis, intellectual property discovery assistance, prior-art analysis etc.

litigation support

Patent Validity/Invalidity Search

        A Patent Validity/Invalidity Search is the most extensive prior art search that can be performed for invalidating claims of plaintiffs patent in an infringement suit. A validity search also proves useful during licensing negotiations as it is important to assess the value and strength of a patent before buying a license for its use.

        Our Validity/ Invalidity Search team provides you with a comprehensive analysis of patent prior art that may be used to prove the validity or lack thereof of a patent already obtained. You only need to provide the patent number and the claims of interest and we will conduct an extensive search of US and foreign patents, publications and technical literature. We also conduct a foreign language search on your request to cover Japanese, Chinese and Korean prior art. We find prior-art that is within the reference patents broadest claim scope.

        At Researchwire, the core belief is that result is certainly out there and is within reach. This belief has turned into a proven theory over the period of time.

Generally our Validity Searches includes the following:

  • A search of US and foreign patent documents.
  • A search of patent related literature, non-patent literature and various publications, journals and databases.
  • Classification and keyword based search.
  • Hybrid search.
  • Citation analysis of the relevant prior art identified.

        We offer exhaustive search for key-features of concerned claims. Generally, there are different patent laws for different countries and uncovered prior-arts should conform to the laws of the concerned country. Therefore, we have an in-house team of experts to train and guide our technical researchers about relevant laws. You only need to provide the patent number and the claims of interest and we will conduct an extensive search of US and foreign patents, publications and technical literature. We also conduct a foreign language search on clients request to cover Japanese, Chinese and Korean prior art.

        We also provide a report for the search which includes relevant prior arts, additional prior arts (along with bibliographic details), search strategy, key features, keywords, classes, key assignees, key-inventors. Claim charts consisting of mapping of relevant prior arts with respect to key-features of the claims are also provided along with the report which helps you understand the validity or invalidity scope of the claims of the subject patent in the light of the prior arts.

Claim Construction Analysis

        Claim Construction sits at the core of patent litigation suits. It’s all about deciphering the boundaries of the claims and interpreting the claim in its simplest form. Plaintiff and defendants interpret claim elements so to bolster their case.

           Patent litigants spend a bucket of money on claim construction. The reason is that claim construction usually determines two root issues of every patent case: whether the plaintiff has a valid claim, and whether the defendant infringed the patent.

          To properly decipher a patent claim, one must understand the technology behind it. With Strong technical background and ample knowledge of law, Researchwire team cuts through the legal jargon and offers technically precise interpretation of the claims. Our team has experience of working with top US attorneys in matters related to claim constructions.

Review Support

        Use of the Inter Partes / Exparte Review is an attempt to invalidate the asserted patent, which can lead to a stay of the patent litigation, and may offer strategic and cost advantages. Numerous factors impact the likelihood of success in a re-examination or a litigation, most important being the strength of the prior art.

        In recent years, re-examination is increasingly used as an avenue to invalidate a patent in light of prior art not known or appreciated at the time of examination. Researchwire can provide the best art for petitioning for re-examination, as well as charting the prior art to claims, to clearly elucidate how the prior art renders a patent invalid.

        As a dedicated intellectual property research firm, Researchwires efforts in this area have been instrumental to our clients success in achieving faster resolution of patent infringement disputes and reducing patent litigation legal fees.

As a trusted and experienced partner in patent reviews, we help you to:

  • Identify prior art which raises a “substantial question of patentability”.
  • Evaluate patents claims with patent experts.
  • Proactively build the petitions as per the most relevant claim construction.